Photography Course/
Classes Outlines

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Introducing the course participants and taking a glimpse into their sources of inspiration. Learning about the process of photography: from the camera obscura to the digital sensor. Breaking the camera down to its various components. Digital camera types and sensor sizes. Setting the photograph’s resolution and format. Focus methods. Viewing works of prominent photographers from the early history of photography to contemporary photography. The lesson includes practical exercises

Lesson 2 – Depth of Field in Photography

The aperture functions. Creating deep and shallow depth of field and using this technique as a significant component in creating a photographic composition. The lesson includes practical training and analysis of works by artists who have used depth of field as a central motif in their works.

Lesson 3 – Photography and Inspiration Field Trip

A photography field trip offering you a variety of assignments and ideas. We will photograph Tel Aviv’s interesting people and architecture, capture unique moments through street photography, and practice photography techniques such as exposure, depth of field, freezing and blurring motion… Your eyes will get no rest..

Lesson 4 – Freezing and Smearing Motion

Role of the shutter. Working with different shutter speeds. Techniques for capturing motion in a photograph. Working with a tripod, continuous focus and continuous shooting. The lesson includes practical exercises and analysis of photographers’ works that capture the moment of motion..

Lesson 5 – Motion-Photography Field Trip

A photography field trip which will focus on sports shooting and motion freezing, and just as important: how to tell a story through photography, composition and framing, choosing the shooting angle, light direction and lens.n.

Lesson 6 – Light as a Crucial Component in Photography

What is exposure and how to work in manual mode? Types of exposures and analyzing a histogram. Adjusting exposure according to the type of light, complex light measurements and dealing with changing lighting conditions. Using ISO in harsh lighting conditions. The value of daylight in photography – emphasizing depth and 3D, highlighting substance and color, creating an atmosphere and a telling a story. The lesson includes viewing works of photographers who make exceptional use of light..

Lesson 7 – Practical Shooting of Still-Life in the Studio

Setting up still-life sets in the studio. Positioning the objects within the frame, choosing a suitable shooting angle, choosing a background and a proper lens. Experiencing using a tripod vs. high ISO. Controlling the color through white balance – examining the effect of the type, direction, angle and distance of the light source on the photographed object/s. Using various lighting accessories for filling in shadows and softening the light. We will also continue practicing use of different exposures and histogram analysis..

Lesson 8 – Lenses

Lens types (wide-angle, telephoto, normal, zoom) and their various uses. Focal length, field of view and perspective changes in the various lenses. Adjusting the lens to the type of shooting. Factors that affect lens quality. Highlights and tips for purchasing a lens. Viewing and discussing works of pioneering street and documentary photographers..

Lesson 9 – Night-Photography Field Trip

A field trip which will include night-photography in varied street lighting and in changing color conditions. Long-exposure shooting and working with a tripod. Practicing exposure and light measurements techniques in contrasting lighting conditions. Using white balance correctly when shooting in artificial lighting. Working with a flash and using it together with different light sources.

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